Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Gratitude entry 5

Tuesday September 26th, 2011

I’m grateful for Kiwi Loco. It’s this little yogurt shop in Rexburg where I go to school and they have something like ten different frozen yogurt choices to select from and you fill your cup and then pay according to the amount of ounces you use.

It’s delicious.

I’m not kidding. It’s freaking delicious and you should go there if you’re ever in Rexburg which is a good chance, because if you’re reading this right now you fall into a small category of people who know me and care enough to waste their time on my blog =P so there’s a good chance you’ll be attending my graduation in April. So, hopefully you’ll get a chance to try it out.

That’s all.

Grat 4

Monday September, 25th, 2011

So you remember how much work I put in Sunday and how I was not in any way grateful for procrastination? Well all that hard work paid off in class when we went over the Financial Statements I prepared. I put a lot of work and frustration into those 3 pages of figures and in the end it was totally worth it when my Professor put the answers on the board and every single number matched up perfectly.

Maybe it’s not that big of a deal. Maybe it’s a little lame that I’m grateful I did well on my accounting homework considering it probably won’t ever factor largely into my future professions, but it made me feel awesome and I’m grateful for the hard work I put in.

I feel all soft and stuff. I normally have all sorts of sarcastic crap to say, but that pretty much sums it up.


I also want to recognize my buddy Adam Albright for going far above what I asked of him. I’m looking for a Rear wheel drive car that I can modify into a drift car/show car. It’s a hobby I’m picking up and I don’t give a damn whether you approve or not. I’m getting that car.

So what I’ve been primarily looking for is a model year 89-93 Nissan 240sx or a model year 86 AE86 Toyota Corolla, because both are pretty much legendary in the drift circuits and they both run close to my price range which is categorized as cheap to flat @$$ broke.

That’s a technical terminology by the way.

But, problem number one is there aren’t a whole lot of them in Idaho period, let alone any for sale so I’ve had to cast my net a little wider taking markets such as Boise, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Adam’s hometown: Las Vegas.

I texted Adam and asked him if I could fly in and crash at his place for a night or so, if I found a car there. He did me one better and got a hold of his brother in law who works for a Car dealership in Lehi, UT and got me on the list of family discounts there. I haven’t found what I’m looking for, but if they set me up it’ll be freaking awesome.

Either way I’m grateful for friends who go beyond what we ask and do more than they need in order to help you out.

I sincerely hope you have a friend that cool, because I’m not giving mine up. Though he’s got a big enough heart he would be willing to help anyone he could.

That sounded gay.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Procrastination hurts

Sunday September 25, 2011

So today I learned gratitude for getting things done ahead of schedule. I have an accounting class that I had an assignment and a Quiz due on Monday for, and I didn’t do them Saturday because I was spending time with my Iraq buddy. I figured it couldn’t be that bad, probably just as in-depth as the same type of assignment from before and the previous two quizzes.

I was wrong.

I decided I would start right after church got out (noon) and that I figured I’d be done by about 6 o’clock in time to take the girls to a friends house for their daughters birthday party.

I was wrong again.

So seven hours later, I finally finish, and all I can think is “Why didn’t I start Friday and do some of this? Or why didn’t I do some Saturday before the party started?” Nowhere in there was, I wish I could have played more video games this weekend.

Am I getting old? Gosh I hope not. I’m too young for being responsible.

But, in the end I got the homework done (here’s hoping I get a 100% on it), and I scored a 198 out of 200 on my quiz. So I guess that thing called “Working you @$$ off” really does work. Next time I think I’ll just do it a little in advance.

Procrastination: not what I’m grateful for.

Day 2

Saturday September 24, 2011

I know both this one and Sunday’s are coming in on Monday so shut it. Saturday I spent with one of my buddys (I’m not going to give his name here) and I got to see how he was doing since he got back from Iraq. He has a little bit of PTSD (you see why I won’t give his name), and so it was nice to spend the day relaxing with him and a large group of friends.

We had a barbeque, hung out in the park and played lazer tag, then we played a bit of HeroScape and ate dinner at his house. Just a fun kind of event. The whole day went pretty well.

Which is why I am grateful for our soldiers. It feels kind of weird saying that because I am one, but seeing how war affected my close friend and how hard even the simple things in life were for him to get used to made me realize how incredibly lucky we are as a nation to have so many good men and women willing to put their lives on the line to protect our freedom and the freedom of others who can never repay them.

Regardless of how you feel about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan you should support these men and women. They felt strongly enough about something that they were willing to put their whole life on hold, and in reality put their life on the line. At any moment out there they could die. I know that when I took the oath and left for basic training I felt that way. I knew that with my chosen MOS (Military Occupational Specialty aka Job) I will go into combat and I will fight and possibly die or kill my enemy.

A man, who in better circumstances, may have been my friend.

So my hat’s off to those brave souls who cared enough about something that they are willing to put their lives on the line for it so you don’t have to. These soldiers are the people who ensure that we maintain the right to oppose their purpose. People slander and insult them with curses on par with some of the greatest figures in history, but when a man shakes your hand and says, thank you for serving it all goes away.

If you understand taking a stand in something, and if you understand believing so strongly that you would not only die; that’s easy to do- dying is the easiest thing to do for a cause, but that you would kill for then you understand these men and women.

If not—shut the hell up, or shake their hand and say thank you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Awesome Sauce

Friday September 23, 2011

Today I’ve decided to start something different. If you look at my older blogs you’ll see a lot of bravado and self inflation, and I enjoy doing that because it’s funny and it’s an outlet for me to share the randomness that gets built up in my daily drudgery of life. It’s too easy to let life get you own you know? You’ve got to be silly sometimes.

But I digress.

I’m really good at that I’ve noticed. Digressing that is. I get so caught up in what I’m talking about and the little tangents I create that I don’t realize I’m running away with it til I’ve nearly forgotten the reason for the which I entered the topic in the first place.

I didn’t do that on purpose.

Before I get to the meat of what I want to talk about I just want to say that this is specifically why I love to write a blog. Because, I’m not composing some grandiose epic story or poem or anything like that; I’m talking. All I’m doing is letting my thoughts flow freely from my mind to my hands and into my computer down the lines of glorious electricity and into the inter webs where five people will see it someday. Thanks Mom for the support. But, it’s cathartic you now?

No, not arthritic, although it may be in twenty years or so, but cathartic. As in kind of like a healing process.

I love it.

So, I’m going to get to my point. In a class I recently read a study about how if a person records a few things they’re grateful for each week their viewpoint on the way life is changes. So I decided I wanted to do the same, but I know I’d never follow through if only I was going to see this so I present to you five people who read this thing every now and again.

My Gratitude Journal.

That sounds kind of lame. Let’s try this again.

My Life is Freaking Awesome Sauce Journal!

Again, I don’t plan any of this when I start. I just kind of start talking and see where it ends up. Life is like a box of chocolates when you lost the top. You never know what’s coming out, except the square ones always have caramel. So hands off the caramel ones are mine.

Today I want to say that I’m grateful for music. Not just the epic Viking metal that comes out of Scandinavia, or the hard rap that comes from the ghettos. Not just the punk for suburbia, or the rap rock from the Midwest. Every single bit of it. Even the stuff that I don’t care for.

The eyes are the window to the soul, and music is our fog horn. It’s our way of being ourselves in such a different way. A good song, regardless of the type, will make you bob your head, tap your foot or pencil. It affects you on some level other than the surface. I’m grateful for music. It’s not the most important thing, but today I want to say that I’m grateful for that.

This feels kind of weak for a first time doesn’t it? Sorry. I’ll get better with time. All that build up and nothing.