Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cygnar Paint Job

So, I've had this Warmachine starter box for Cygnar sitting around my house for a little over a year. I was interested in the game, but my FLGS never had a strong enough presence of players to warrant breaking it out, gluing, and painting them bad boys up (even when I owned the shop). Still doesn't, but I got tired of waiting around. So without further ado, here are three of the four models painted (I'm moving to Texas in  a few days so I don't have time to paint the 4th until I get there).

Commander Stryker:

Charger Warjack:

Ironclad Warjack:

I've got more pictures of each of them from different angles, but instead of overloading it here I'll be posting them elsewhere so you can have a gander if you will. When I started I wanted to do an alternate paint scheme and get away from the standard Blue/Gold Cygnar look and was actually going to be doing a Black/Red/Silver, which I did on the Charger originally. I liked the look because I had seen it on a Warjack (couldn't tell because he was smashed in with a bunch of others in a display case) in another game shop when I went to play with a buddy (seriously though- there's like two people who play here in the 'Burg), and it looked really good. Sadly my Charger didn't look as good as I had hoped so I swapped to a Blue/Bronze/Steel look which you can see in the image. If the ironclad looks a little darker overall (which he is in real life, but I have an iPhone 4S for a camera, so what can you do really?) it's because instead of glazing with Guillaman Blue (I prefer Citadel paints, even though they run a tad more expensive) like I did with the Charger above, I hit it with a Drakenhoff Nightshade (unsure of that spelling. Give me a sec while I go to GW's page). It's taking forever to load. Gotta love slow interwebs.

Anyways, I think the Nightshade made it look a lot better. No shiny glaze, and it blended my colors together really well I think. I'm not the greatest painter out there, but I do enjoy it and I really like showing off my guys. I've got a few others I may post up here that I painted a good while ago (so not too many tips on those ones, but I'll do what I can).

Oh hey, it's 'Drakenhof' with one 'f.' I was pretty close.

Pictures posted on my Tumblr. It's in the pages section to the side.

Friday, March 28, 2014


But for how long... I suppose we'll see. That is all.